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How to Increase Instagram Sales with Shoppable Posts

In our previous post, we detailed how to add shopping tags to create Instagram shoppable posts. Enabling shopping on Instagram is straightforward and can help you connect with trend-seeking Instagram users keen to purchase an item they like in-app.

Instagram Shoppable PostsOne of the best aspects of the Instagram shopping feature is the company will not be taking a share of the item’s sale price. Apparently, Facebook is interested in sticking to IG’s primary mode of generating revenue—ads.

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In this post, we look at ways to increase your Instagram sales with shoppable posts—some dos and don’ts that you can implement to boost sales and more.

How to Sell More with Instagram Shopping Tags

1. Comply With Instagram Policies

While this might seem obvious, it could hinder many Instagram brands from reaching their Instagram sales goals. In fact, some brands might even get banned.

According to Facebook, to get approval to enable shopping on your Instagram account you have to first ensure it is converted to a business account. That IG account has also to link to the right Facebook Page. The right Page is the one you own—not just have access to.

More importantly, though, Facebook requires you comply with their merchant agreement and commerce policy.

To approve your Instagram shopping account and tagged products, the company inspects both your account and product details against the two.

Your Instagram followers will only be able to see the tags once they are approved. And you’ll not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of exposure to increase your sales on Instagram because of a pending approval brought on by an avoidable blunder.

2. Set up your Instagram Sales Channel and Link to Shopify

The sales channel entails all the different means you can utilize Shopify to sell. Those include selling through social media, in-person, marketplaces and using your online store.

With a Shopify account, you can help interested followers to complete their buyer journey without leaving the IG app. Payments are also processed in local language and currency, so the entire process is hassle-free to encourage potential customers to convert.

To set up your IG sales channel, you’ll need to set up a Facebook sales channel first.

If you already have a Facebook Shop page set up, where you sell approved products and keep a Facebook catalog, then you are clear.

If not, you’ll need to sign up for a Facebook Shop page to get started.

3. Tag both new and existing posts

Selling on Instagram is not limited to new Instagram posts only.

Brands can also add shopping tags to existing posts.

Now your followers may not be keen to go back in time to re-read, re-like or update comments on previous posts. So you’ll want to update existing IG posts with a renewed perspective, interesting overlay or something else that is fresh to convert them to interesting shoppable posts.

For example, you can use throwback Thursdays to rejuvenate your most liked posts or hashtags you’ve used before in combination with new ones that include your Instagram shopping tags.

4. Be modest with the tags

Currently, for every single-post post, you can tag up to 5 products. A multi-image post presents more options since you can tag as many as 20 products.

But, as you might have found out about using a tad too many hashtags, too many shopping tags in one post are off-putting. It can be overwhelming to your followers, and that’s nowhere near the best way to convert Instagram followers into buyers.

Ease does it here.

It is important to keep in mind that Instagram is about sharing interesting photos and clips that interest your followers and boost Instagram engagement. Fewer, clearer and higher quality shoppable posts are less likely to feel obtrusive to your followers and more likely to encourage conversion.

If you suspect you have too many products in one post, you can easily edit products you’ve tagged on Instagram.

5. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook made sure to provide Insights with the shopping tags feature.

To provide relevant products that pique your Instagram followers’ interest, you can use Insights to gather, analyze and inform your decisions with solid data. That way you can eliminate the guesswork out of understanding your Instagram audience and connecting them with what they need, including a language and currency they understand.

Take Advantage of Shoppable Posts

Instagram’s introduction of shoppable posts points to a new paradigm in their model. As Instagram evolves, brands can now also take advantage of the innovation in the above five ways to boost Instagram sales.

Have you tried out this feature? What other ways can you use it to improve Instagram sales?

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