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I've tried to get more Instagram followers and it was just so slow and the customer service was terrible... I was only getting 20 or so followers a day and had to email several times to get my questions answered. But with Liked Lab I am getting over 140 new followers every day, and their customer service is always available in live chat and even phone. And they are even less expensive than all the other services out there!

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Model / Photographer

I started my small business before social media was a big deal. I saw how important social media promotion had become, but I just didn't know how to make it work for my business. Liked Lab really turned things around for me. Now we have built such an engaged social media presence I barely need to do any traditional advertising.

Great service


Business Owner

I am not a computer person, I love baking and making things for the home. But I was spending so much of my time trying to learn technical social media stuff I just wasn't posting enough. Now I have more time to make better posts for my social media following and I've gotten more money from partner posts and advertising because of it.

Paid for Itself


Food Blogger

I love making pictures and videos, that's why I wanted to be a blogger. But I didn't love doing all the other stuff I need to build a following on Instagram. Now I don't worry about it, Liked Lab does it for me. And as my business grows Liked Lab is supporting me every step of the way with their Youtube and Pinterest programs too.

More Time


Fashion Blogger

I've been with Liked Lab for over a year now and not only have they gotten me a ton of followers... over 100 a day... even more importantly they got me real fans too. My new followers are people that care about what I am doing and who comment and like my posts. And clients notice this real engagement, I get many of my new client enquiries direct from my Instagram profile.

Highly Recommend



I went to a casting and the first thing the client asked for was my Instagram profile. I didn't have very many followers so I knew I had to do something to build my following. I tried and it was growing so slow, and I still had to figure out what hashtags worked and all that. But now with Liked Lab, they do all the research for me and my account has been growing more and more. Now I am getting around 3,000 or more new followers every month. And Liked Lab doesn't mind when I go into their live chat and ask random social media questions. They feel like partners in helping me build my social media.

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I knew I needed to have a big following but didn't have a clue how to get it. Posting randomly wasn't doing it. Liked Lab is building my following by over 2,000 new followers every month. And even better, they are also giving me advice and a strategy to take my social media even farther.




I'm in a competitive business and my Instagram page is really important for attracting new business, but my following was just embarrassing. I think I was losing work because of it. So I signed up with Liked Lab, and now I get a ton of new followers every day, and I get so many new job inquiries directly through my Instagram profile.

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