Instagram News – Introducing the Emoji Slider

Instagram News: Introducing the Emoji Slider

Instagram never stops developing new and fun ways to interact with the app and your friends.

Today Instagram announced the new emoji slider sticker.

The emoji slider essentially is an emotional slider represented as an emoji. It lets you ask more nuanced questions, and receive a response on a scale… good to bad, hot to not, etc.  Your friends can show you how the FEEL about something, giving you a little more context in their response.

You will find the emoji slider sticker in the sticker tray of your Instagram stories post. Place it anywhere on the post with a question, and set the emoji that matches the question’s mood. You can pick from dozens of emojis to express just about any mood. Similar to the poll sticker, followers can respond to the slider as soon as it’s shared.

Just drag the emoji to the right or left and you will see it animate based on your decision. Once you’ve made your choice, you will see how others have responded too.

Have questions about this new feature? Let us know or check out the Instagram Help Center to learn more about the emoji slider sticker.

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