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5 Unique Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Wow Your Audience (And Increase Followers)

Instagram StoriesDo you want to be an Instagram rock star? Liked Lab offers actionable solutions that will help you to steadily grow your audience.

One of the handy Instagram features that you should be using often is Instagram stories.

When Facebook-owned Instagram introduced Instagram Stories back in January 2017, few users were welcome. Only the big names such as Nike and Netflix were getting the love. But the special treatment was a trial run and in March, two (long) months later, Instagram Stories were open to everyone.

Unfortunately, few people and brands use the Instagram feature nearly as well as they should.

So in this post we are going to share Instagram Stories tips you can use any day, any time to beat a path to Instagram visibility while oozing personality and building your brand.

But before we do that, in case you are new to Instagram and how to use Instagram Stories, here’s a quick primer.

What is Instagram Stories?

The IG feature basically allows you to share what you are doing or what’s on your mind in visuals that are visible to your audience for just 24 hours. Think “WhatsApp Status” except this time on Instagram.

Coming from SnapChat? You might already be too familiar with the disappearing photos and videos act.

Now that that’s cleared up, here are five Instagram tips to help you boost your visibility on IG using Instagram Stories.

  1. Get Real to Boost Trust

Do you sometimes get tired of some big IG accounts that show perfectly curated and edited posts but no real personality? So do we!  Personality matters on Instagram.

From Kim Kardashian to Virgin Group (and CEO Richard Branson), they are built around discernable personalities or brand uniqueness.

And thats why Instagram Stories can be such a powerful addition to your Instagram account…. it gives you a chance to show some imperfect and real personality without your Instagram feed looking less professional.

Instagram Stories will help share behind the scenes takes or stuff your followers do not already know about you as a person. Of course, you do not want to shine a spotlight on deeply sensitive personal matters but you get the idea. If not, NASA, the (seemingly) nerdy, space -tech company has been using Instagram Stories to become more approachable—successfully, too.

  1. Use Instagram Live Videos

Video rocks in 2018! And will continue rocking long after.

Video is more interactive because it is the closest your followers can come to seeing you and experiencing your story without the guesswork that photos throw in.

Need to rotate your video before storing it? Use Video Rotate. If you want to cut longer videos to 15 minutes, you can use CutStory.

Enough said.

  1. Utilize “Highlights” with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Highlights let you share amazing clips and images and have them last longer than 24 hours so you can reach out to more people for longer.

Simply tap on “Settings” followed by “Story Settings”, and then “Save to Archive” to turn Highlights on. This is necessary to be able to share them.

After that simply hit the “+” button (below your profile’s bio) to choose from live and archived items. That will feature them in your profile for longer.

This is a useful feature if you have an ongoing campaign you want to feature. Say you want to launch a fitness program you think your audience will love. You can post a couple of IG Stories video tips from your e-book and save related stories to your profile. The Highlights will last for days and even weeks.

Yet, you can go around the 24-hour rule by using Story Uploader—and not get shadowbanned.

That way you can have time to ask your target audience how the featured workouts are working out for them. Do they think your fitness tips are too obvious or too tough for them, for example?

People want to be heard and their opinion listened to. You can use Instagram Polls to do this.

  1. Take Advantage of Links to Grow Your Other Social Media Channels

Have you mastered using Stories to grow your blog audience or YouTube channel?

Now that you are using “real” visuals and building trust—because followers are real people that want to follow real people and brands that have real value to offer them—why not add links to your Stories?

The thing here is, while a picture says a thousand words (and video 10,000 words), it might not exactly say it like you mean it, huh?

You can type out your blog’s link or paste it in a photo caption, and then share the photo via Highlights.

  1. “Swipe Up” to Link Over 10,000 Followers to Your Interests

Available for accounts with over 10,000 followers, the Swipe Up feature will help you take advantage of your growing community to guide visitors to your blog, landing page for a product or something else you are offering. It’s a cool call-to-action button.

You’ll need to have an Instagram business account to use Swipe Up, though.

Now those are easy, highly practical ways to use Instagram Stories to wow your audience and grow your tribe.

Remember you can always get an expert to help you get these done faster.

Have unique Instagram Stories tips that work for you? Feel free to share your ingenious hacks in the comments.

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