Instagram News – Features to Share and Connect

Instagram News – New Ways to Share and Connect on Instagram

Today Instagram programmers dropped a bunch of new and desirable features for users to get a little bit more out of the Instagram experience. Below you can see what Instagram themselves say about these new features, but I want to tell you I am most excited about the New Explore and Video chat features. More and more Instagrammers are using Instagram for all their communication, and adding video chat is a great step in the right direction to make the platform more useful. And we expect that brands and influencers are going to find ways to take advantage of this feature to make their Instagram marketing more personal. I can’t wait to see what they do. And the new Explore is just a better way to give brands and individuals a way to be discovered by a larger audience.. something that has become harder and harder over time as Instagram has become more of a pay to play ecosystem like Facebook.

From Instagram:

Today, we’re announcing new ways to share in the moment on Stories, connect with friends over video and discover new interests on Explore.

Sharing to Stories:
Now Instagram allows you to share direct from Spotify and the GoPro app. Just click the share button and your song or video will load directly into the Instagram Stories application where you can edit it just like any other story. Instagram will be rolling out many more integration with other applications over the next months and we can imagine there are going to be some really useful additions.

Camera Effects for Instagram

This is another step in Instagram taking even more market share from Snapchat. Add animated augmented reality effects to your camera or live text effects as well.


Video Chat


Lot’s of users watch live video in Instagram, but until now there was not a way to make a group live video chat session. Instagram listened to the complaints and has added the feature to make communication even more robust in the Instagram application.

To start a video chat, click the camera icon in the Direct Message window. It allows you to chat one-on-one or with a small group. Best of all you can also minimize the window but keep chatting while exploring other parts of the Instagram app.

The New Explore

This is a new way to have the explore window organized to make discovering new content much easier and more intuitive. Now the content is organized into topics so you can quickly check out all your interests, or choose one and do a deeper dive.


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