Instagram News – Introducing the new Focus tool

Instagram News – Introducing the New Focus Feautre

Don’t have an iPhone X? No need, now Instagram can do the shallow depth of field photos for you! The new focus feature allows you to have the focus sharp on your subject, but have the background go blurry so the viewers eyes are drawn to exactly what you want.

From Instagram:

When you click the camera icon in the Instagram app, you’ll see “Focus” and “Superzoom”. These features work with the selfie and main cameras. As soon as there’s someone in the shot the person stays in focus while the background blurs so they really stand out.

We are also introducing @mention which makes it even easier to connect friends in your stories. Just open the stickers tray after you have shot a photo or video, tap the @mention, and start typing the name of the account you want to mention. You can then move the sticker wherever you’d like in the post.


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