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Becoming A Successful Instagram Influencer: What You Need to Know Now

If you want to monetize your Instagram influence bad enough, it is about that time. If you have wondered if the market for Instagram influencers has become saturated, the answer is no. And it probably won’t be happening anytime soon.

Becoming a successful IG influencer is all about interest, personality, passion, and the willingness to produce epic Instagram posts that boost engagement, increase followers and show your passion out to the world—including interested brands on Instagram.

Emily Ratajkowski is one of Instagram’s top Influencers, making tens of thousands of dollars on paid posts.


Check out these quick Instagram influencer marketing stats in 2018:

✅ Instagram has over 800 million active members, most of which are following an influencer in a niche they love

✅ 92% of people trust personal recommendations over brands’ ads—Google

✅ About 71% of businesses use Instagram (over 8 million business accounts)—IG

✅ More than $1.6 billion is expected to be paid to Instagram influencers in 2018. $2.38 billion in 2019—Mediakix

✅ 60% of buyers learn about a product/service via IG–

✅ Instagram expects to hit more than 21.7 million sponsored posts in 2018—Mediakix

So, how do you grow your IG influence to monetize it as you enjoy doing what you do best?

Realize You Are in It for the Long Play

The best thing to do right from the start is to appreciate growing your Instagram influence will take work and time. You’ll need to learn, experiment and practice how to create epic Instagram posts that receive genuine likes and comments and grow your IG following.

Buying fake Instagram followers will not boost your Instagram engagement—a key Instagram metric brands look out for when choosing the best Instagram influencer for business. Learn how to grow your Instagram influence organically to avoid costly shortcuts.

Be Sure to Have an Instagram Business Account

You do not want to do business with a personal Instagram account. Instagram business accounts allow influencers to check Instagram insights, analyze them and derive the data they need to understand their target audience and further boost their influence by satisfying what their tribe wants to know and see.

Furthermore, when you’ve grown your Instagram followers to over 10,000, you can use Instagram Shoppable posts to earn from referring buyers to partnered brands.

Be Real and Get Deals

What’s your sign?

Travel, health, fitness, photography, art, and design, mental wellness, video games, politics, sports, lifestyle…

What is it that you can create epic content in and around without totally wiping your motivation out? If you love enough to create continuous content about it without getting paid for it, then you know you are down for it. Choosing to Instagram about your interest(s) will motivate you to dig deeper and come up with interesting, original and resonating content to post and boost your visibility.

While seemingly obvious to choose an Instagram niche you are passionate about, some new Instagram users go for what’s hot. If the money does not come as quickly as hoped for, they wound up either giving up entirely or buying Instagram followers—a huge mistake.

Use Instagram Influencer Tools (on Top of IG Stories)

Unlike a short while ago, upcoming Instagram influencers can now utilize a couple of influencer marketing tools and platforms to connect with interested brands. You’ll want to choose the best Instagram influencer platform for you based on your specific needs.

For example, while influencer marketing databases such as InsightPool, Grin, and InfluencerBay primarily target Instagram brands wanting to hire an Instagram influencer, Tribe is more influencer-oriented.

Instagram Influencers can get valuable insights into their IG followers’ demographics, geography, and psychographic data from using such a tool. That way, they know how to improve their engagement by learning what interests their target audience and implementing it.

Outreach with Confidence

As you grow your Instagram following, increase your influence and become more visible and trustworthy, relevant and interested brands may approach you with proposals offering sponsored posts.

But, it does not always work out that way.

Sometimes you have to hustle.

The top Instagram influencers do pitch to brands they think are relevant to their values and interests. You can do that by simply tagging relevant brands in your posts. You can also add business locations to your posts. Sprout Social found IG posts with locations boost engagement by up to 79%. Still, you can use the top social media influencer marketing databases to become visible to potential partners.

Becoming a successful Instagram influencer is within reach

If you can start out with the long haul in mind, use a business account, create epic Instagram posts to boost engagement and grow your following organically, as well as use the best Instagram influencer marketing tools around, you can make a living as a top Instagram influencer in your niche or industry.

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