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How to Become Famous on Instagram and Gain 12,000+ Followers in Just 4 Months (Or Less)

famous on instagramWant to become #instafamous?

With over a billion active users a month, Instagram is a great platform to show up, show out and become a phenomenon. And if you become famous on Instagram, especially with the right audience, then your impact, authority and revenue will shoot up.

Here is the thing about becoming Instagram famous, though:

It won’t happen overnight. Well, it COULD happen overnight if you plan to start dating Justin Bieber….. otherwise you are going to need a good strategy and be ready to do some hard work.

But if you want it badly enough, you CAN make it happen.  And a service such as Liked Lab is a great way to boost your chances of becoming Instagram Famous too.

Here are real, actionable ways to get on track to becoming #INSTAFAMOUS.

Create your “Why”

The reason most Instagram users never really get great Instagram engagement is that they don’t start with a specific goal in mind.

Do you want to be a fashion or travel influencer? Do you want sell your product or service on Instagram? Great! Now all the decisions about growing your Instagram are with this goal in mind.

For instance, if you want to be a fashion influencer your Instagram feed has to look top notch…. great design aesthetic, well thought out color palette, smart hashtags, and with constant updates in the latest trends in fashion. As soon as your feed starts to drift off topic or looks less “put together” you can expect your followers to lose interest as well.

Also keep in mind the secret sauce to creating genuine Instagram communities that grow is to have a worthy cause. People want to belong to a cause.

For example:

Posting selfies on Instagram may get you a few likes but not a serious following—unless you are Prince Harry. Think about it, what would make you follow someone else’s exploits on IG?

Because they are either, educative, entertaining, or inspiring or all of these combined.

Which brings us to the next best way to become famous on Instagram.

Offer Value

If you are passionate about healthy eating, for example, let your IG bio say it loud and consistently post about your passion. Focus your energy on that topic, create quality photos and videos (including live video) in that area.

You want people to remember you as THE person to follow on Instagram for all things healthy eating. Offer cool, not-too-obvious, or completely original tips about recipes and strategies for eating healthy and you will increase Instagram followers organically.

Here’s an example of a quality post on matters iPhone photography by Emil Pakarklis who’s grown a 100,000+ strong Instagram community.

When you know your stuff and are sharing it, you can almost assuredly increase IG follows organically.

Invite Friends and Fam to Connect

The first people you want to connect with are the very people who actually know you and want to keep tabs on how you are doing.

Having family and friends follow you on IG is also great because other people will see you are a real person with meaningful conversations going on for you. People want to belong to a family that’s already engaging each other. And the more your friends and family followers are engaging with your posts, the more Instagram will show your posts to new potential followers too.

Reach out, too

A ton of people only expect others to follow them, always like their nice photos and videos but never bother to return the favor. This is surprisingly common on social media these days.

But by giving others attention you are likely to build rapport and goodwill, build trust and encourage long-term relationships.

Remember Instagram’s latest algorithm update gives weight to posts that show significant engagement signals such as likes and comments. Commenting on others’ posts will inspire them to do the same for you.

This can be a slow, lengthy process, which is why we encourage you to use an Instagram assistant to automatically boost your Instagram activity.

Use Hashtags

This is huge.

Instagram hashtagsUsing relevant, trending hashtags can easily get you to the top of relevant Instagram feeds, exposing your awesomeness in front of many more people.

And as more people check you out and leave a like or comment, the better your chances of getting even more engagement and followers as the IG algorithm picks up on your trending social signals.

In fact, here is an entire article on the ins and outs of #hashtagging.

  • Keep your hashtags below nine
  • You do not want to be considered a spammer
  • Use only relevant hashtags
  • Be consistent with all these (not as tough as it sounds)

Gather some “competitor” intel for inspiration

If you are not sure how to get started on Instagram and grow a huge followers base, you can take a glimpse at what similar Instagrammers and IG influencers in your space are doing to grow and maintain high engagement on Instagram using various tools.

In fact, you can tag such power users in highly relevant posts you put up. Spare them the spamming drama, but worthy mentions are always appreciated.

Cross-post Instagram Photos

This is straightforward. If you have a following on other social media platforms, you’ll do great to cross-post and introduce your other followers to link up via IG.

Take Advantage of Instagram Takeovers

Once you have a decent following and also have friends (or are willing to make them) that are banging on IG, suggest if you two can roll out Instagram Takeovers.

This allows both of you to engage with the other’s community on Instagram and can help both of you have more followers—especially if you have some things or cause or campaigns in common.

Use Instagram Stories

You can’t afford to not use Instagram Stories to engage more people and grow your popularity on Instagram.

Check out this post we have written here that shows you how to use Instagram Stories to engage and enchant some more—and become Instagram famous.

With these simple and easy to apply yet powerful Instagram fame brewers you can easily reach 11,000 Instagram followers in 4 months or less like David Francis did (without taking your top off or losing $10,000 while at it). And from then you can use “Swipe Up” to encourage even more followers to link up with you and share your experiences.

Want to do all this super-fast? Liked Lab can help.

Let us know how it works out for you. Care to share another tip you have used?

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