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5 Best Instagram Marketing Tools

Instagram marketing tools

The best Instagram marketing tools are meant to help you achieve more while expending less brainpower and marketing dollars. Instead, you can use more time doing what you love—serving an endless throng of engaged and interested customers.

If you can find the right IG outreach tool for the right purpose, you can surely achieve this. You can blow your competition out of the pool. Do what you want to do and at the right time, too.

Whether you have been experimenting with social media automation with Zapier or an Instagram optimization service such as Liked Lab to organically increase your Instagram following, these top marketing tools for Instagram marketers will help create amazing Instagram posts to boost engagement and conversions.

5 Amazing Marketing Tools to Boost Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

1. Woobox

This marketing gem will help you create engaging Instagram contests, giveaways, polls, games, forms, landings pages, and more. With Woobox, you can also curate and display your social media channels’ content from one place. You can then pick random winners, distribute unique coupon codes, and use instant win games.

By gamifying your Instagram marketing strategy, you can boost engagement with leaderboards and polls. Still, you can use to create page tabs that feature your brand’s Instagram account. Besides, Woobox is not limited for use with Instagram only. Marketers can also use the platform across other social media channels from one place.

2. Splice

Instagram is a visual-heavy social media network. Instagram videos have caught on so much in the recent times that more than 100 million videos and photos are viewed and shared on the platform every single day.

But for Instagram to register a video view, a follower must stick around and watch your video for more than 3 seconds.

In other words, you need a great video creation tool for your Instagram marketing plan.

GoPro, the action-camera maker, launched Splice to empower users to add effects, transitions, titles, music, and animation to a marketing video. You can trim, crop, and control your video’s speed to make it match your call to action and branding.

Splice will help you create bite-sized videos that look and feel professional to endear you to your target audience.

3. Biteable

Biteable takes what Splice can do to a whole other level.

With Biteable, you can create professional-grade explainer videos to help your audience understand and love your product or unique selling proposition. You can also create video ads to use anywhere you please. Still, Biteable will help you add animations, effects, and infographics to your Instagram marketing videos.

New users will love it that Biteable provides a selection of free stock footage—video templates for different use cases. There are marketing videos for business, intro and outro, corporate, review, promo, slideshow, and more purposes. So you can take advantage of the 60-second Instagram video feature to increase Instagram engagement and boost conversions.

4. LinkTree

Instagram only allows for one link in the bio section of your business profile.

Want to make the best of that opportunity to link out?

With LinkTree, you only need one link to send your Instagram followers to the pages you want them visiting. The single link will lead them to your webstore, article, social media, and an event page. From the single link, you can help your followers discover recent content you made.

Once logged into the platform, you can copy and paste your URLs, and then drag-and-drop them in the order you like best.

5. Tagboard

A powerful way to supercharge your Instagram engagement to boost your marketing drive further is by displaying your followers’ stories to the world.

Tagboard is an extensive platform that allows you to aggregate data from different social media sites. You can then embed, repost or redisplay it in other social sites.

It tracks hashtags related to what your audience want to follow. You can also monitor and block offensive content.

Market Like a Pro

With Woobox, Splice, Biteable, LinkTree, and Tagboard, you can ramp up your Instagram marketing campaign. You will be able to do that by creating engaging contests, professional and affordable videos and photos, links to what your followers want to discover, the most popular hashtags, and more. Ultimately, you want to boost your Instagram engagement to drive organic traffic and conversions on IG. And the top Instagram marketing tools in this post are your friends.

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