With Liked Lab your Instagram gains real FANS not just random followers like with the other guys.
Get real Instagram

We grow your Instagram with real, active and engaged Instagram followers, people that are truly interested in you and the content that you are posting.

We use a combination of hands on, human management combined with customized, intelligent automation to build your Instagram following and increase your account’s engagement and authority.

5000 followers per month
10 increase in engagement
397 happy clients
2 offices: in la & cdmx
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The Benefits of Liked Lab

Liked Lab is an Instagram Marketing Agency with offices in Los Angeles and Mexico City. We are committed to having both the very best Instagram growth service available, and also being the absolute leader in customer service.

Best Customer Support!

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions, and are the only service that offers support in live chat and even over the phone.


Customized for you!

We create a comprehensive and personalized growth strategy just for you.


No Fakes!

We target real, active and engaged users. You are getting FANS, not just followers


We do the research!

We do the all research to find the best targets to grow your Instagram, and make daily adjustments to keep it growing at it’s maximum.


We take care of everything!

No apps to download, no website settings to manage. Your account manager handles everything for you.


It's safe

We constantly monitor your campaign to stay within Instagram’s usage constraints.

Become an instagram superstar

Who Needs Liked Lab?


Are you a thought leader? A professional athlete? Are you running for office? Maybe you’re looking for a new job? Or just want a higher social media status? No matter who you are or what you do, having thousands of engaged Instagram followers will give you the prestige, credibility and authority among your peers to open all doors.

But you’re busy, and building that Instagram audience requires hours of work on a daily basis.

You can rely on Liked Lab to manage your Instagram followers growth, finding and engaging with your audience while preserving your reputation by filtering out any inappropriate users or posts.


Whether you’re a model, photographer, actor, musician or any other kind of artist, you know that potential clients are looking at your Instagram following before making a hiring decision.

These days, you need to be a star on Instagram and have tens of thousands of Instagram followers to get noticed and win those lucrative bookings. But, with all the fierce competition you’re facing, you should be spending every free minute perfecting your craft or building your portfolio, not spending time on your phone trying to attract more Instagram followers.

Don’t worry, Liked Lab has your back. We do the arduous work required to build your Instagram following so you can get back to doing what you truly love.


You’ve seen the statistics… social media advertising is growing by leaps and bounds and Instagram influencers are making millions. If there’s a market for it, there’s an Instagram influencer making money from it!

But the daily work necessary to manage and grow your Instagram followers is time consuming, tedious and requires constant research and all sorts of specialized knowledge.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time making great photos, videos and written content that excite and engage your Instagram followers? Trying out a hot new restaurant or recipe, testing a brand new beauty product, or shopping the coolest new trends in fashion. That’s the fun stuff!

Whether your focus is beauty, fashion, travel, food, fitness, cars, or anything in between, Liked Lab is here to help you get a piece of that pie!


Regardless of what kind of business you’re in, you need to be active on social media and Instagram. After all, that’s where your customers are. As of 2017, there are 2.8 billion active users who say the information they see about brands on social media has an impact on their purchase decisions.

But, maintaining your social media presence and building an audience online takes hard work, a lot of time and consistent effort. The internet has a short memory, and you can become irrelevant in no time if you stop actively engaging with your core audience and seeking out new customers.

Liked Lab to the rescue! We handle all your Instagram and social media needs so you can concentrate on the hard work of building your business.

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Most clients searching for models, actors, stylists or any other type of talent will look at Instagram followers before they even bother reviewing your talents’ portfolios. And, for clients, there is real value in choosing to work with someone who has a lot of Instagram followers. When your roster doesn’t have a strong Instagram following, these potential clients may just look somewhere else.

As an agency, you know that sometimes you must help your talent help themselves, so don’t lose those bookings because your talent are allowing their Instagram profiles to slide. Instead, let Liked Lab take control of your roster’s Instagram growth.

And, just like comp cards, portfolios and messenger fees, our prices are so low that you can add them to your talent’s monthly deductions without a fight. After all, it only takes one booking from a strong Instagram profile for the investment to pay off!

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Choose one of our

Liked Lab Plans

$19 USD / month per month
For Instagram Beginners
Basic Instagram Growth
Automated Account Management
Automated Growth Strategy
You provide the hashtags, usernames and locations for targeting.
$49 USD / month per month
For Serious Instagram Users
Maximum Instagram Growth
Personal Growth Manager
Daily Growth Strategy Refinements
Target research by our social media managers to find the most effective potential audience
$89 USD / month per month
For Small Business Owners
The Benefits of Maximum Growth, PLUS:
Content Management & Hashtag Research
Optimized Post Scheduling
Growth analytics, strategic planning, and more options available